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DefensiveLine, Inc Mission Statement:

Our high performance DefensiveLine, OutsideLinebacker Big Skill Football training program will help improve the athletes production!

If you have a young football player in your life, he deserves the opportunity to be part of the best training program for football in the country. Since 2002 we have committed ourselves to consulting and developing Football's best Pass Rushers along the Front 7. We are the messengers of the program called " Big Skill High Performance Training" Teaching the VGHH system created by Dline, Inc Founder Master Skill Front 7 Specialist Chuck Smith. Our athletes hone their caliber talents and begin building successful careers in the world of sports. If you are interested in learning more about our program read the information on this site or contact us with specific questions. We respond to all inquiries in a timely fashion. Our site is not merely devoted to our renowned professional football training program, but to all levels of the game at large. You will see the latest Front 7 headlines and breaking news stories each time you visit our site. Our goal is to serve as a leading online football on DefensiveLine and OutsideLinebacker news, consulting, training authority on everything involving the defensive Front 7!